The harbour office

Our goal : to make sailing accessible to as many people as possible with simple and innovative products.

It is with this in mind that we have designed the Dandy, a single-seater electric boat without a licence. It is extremely accessible and allows everyone to be the only captain on board.

We are addressing all tourism professionals who have access to a stretch of water to allow as many people as possible to sail without constraints. 


The crew

Bateau électrique dans Nantes

Quentin Hubert (Co-founder and DG) – François Lagabrielle (Co-founder and Président)

Long-time friends, it is in a garage in Nantes (a historical place of the nautical industry of the city) that we created the first prototypes of the Dandy. Ever since we first sailed our boats, we have been driven by the desire to share the pleasure and the feeling of freedom that we feel on board the Dandy with others.